Quality products

Worldwide delivery

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The coffins design starts in the design office.


The quality of our coffins is derived from our continuous technology upgrading.


We are constantly developing our distribution area through both direct sales and third parties.

Fast Delivery

The company constantly develops its distribution area, in markets like Italy, Germany, Austria, Holland, England, Ireland, Hungary, Moldova and Russia.

3D Design

Generally, in the manufacturing process, everything starts with an idea, a concept that using three-dimensional graphics software is prepared for production. The design process is performed by properly trained personnel in order to produce any model, be it serial or limited series.

Custom designs

Our designers are constantly designing custom coffins at the express request of the customer, state-of-the-art technology allowing us to immediately put it in practice.

Fast execution

The ultimate design software allows good optimization of the execution time , respectively the production. The 5-axis CNC machine is ready for impressive performance in terms of execution speed and precision. Its versatility supports us in reducing execution time, cost and raw material consumption optimization, due to almost nonexistent errors.

Professional Support

Our highly skilled technical team is at your disposal regardless of the complexity or the specifics of the desired product. The experience gained in more than 20 years of activity, brings efficiency in meeting the most demanding requirements of our customers.