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Experienced second hand clothing sorter and exporter.

In a close partnership with some of the leading companies in the used clothes business in Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Holland, Italy) we offer more than 250 different articles of various grades to clients in Africa (Guinea, Cameroon and Kenya) and Asia (India and Pakistan).

In our product list you will find a wide range of second hand articles, grouped into major categories such as outerwear, pants, jeans, skirts and dresses, sweatshirts, pullovers, shirts, t-shirts and sleeveless t-shirts, children’s clothing, sportswear, underwear and swimsuits, accessories, shoes, household rummage.

Used clothing and shoes are hand sorted and graded as follows: Extra Quality (E), First (1), A and B Quality. Depending on the customers’ needs, we offer our second hand products packed in varying sized packages: from 5 kg nylon bags to 500 kg bales.

Our products are imported from Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, France, etc…), depending on market demand. We export to the rest of the world.

Ready-made fashion

Quality goods from all types of labels are thus conveyed entirely secured by our services: hats, caps, t-shirts, tops, jeans, dresses, skirts, socks, hosiery, underwear, shirt, baby outfits, sports clothing, vests, jackets,etc…

Shoe items

Shoes for men, women, children, for summer and winter. Several categories available.

Item for the home

Bed sheets, tablecothes, curtains, various fabrics: discover in our catalogue all out textiles and home decoration items available for import our export.

Other items

children’s toys, handbags, belts, etc.

Second hand clothing export